1. General

1.1 Network Name


SSID Password TBA

1.2 Shirt Colors


1.3 Slack

Please sign up to slack for announcements, updates, and mentor requests on Slack!

1.4 Social Media

Facebook: BisonHacks

Twitter: @BisonHacks

Instagram: @BisonHacks

1.5 FAQ

Refer to our FAQ at bisonhacks.com or email bisonhacks@gmail.com

2. Schedule

Friday, March 29, 2019
4:30 PM | Registration Open
5:00 PM | Networking and Dinner Served
6:00 PM | Open Ceremony
6:30 PM | Hacking Begins
10:30 PM | Midnight Snack
11:00 PM | Slideshare Karaoke
Saturday, March 30, 2019
8:00 AM | Breakfast Served
8:30 AM | Hacking Resumes
11:30 AM | Lunch Served
1:00 PM | Projects Due
1:30 PM | Team Technical Check-in
2:00 PM | Project Presentations
4:00 PM | Judge Session
5:00 PM | Award Ceremony

3. Map

Coming Soon!

4. Software and APIs

4.1 Wayfair AR/VR API

To use Wayfair's API for 3D modeling

Click Here

4.2 Capital One Finance API

To use Capital One's Nessie API

Click Here

6. Mentors

6.1 Request a Mentor

You can request a mentor on Slack from the #mentors channel on Slack.

7. Tutorials

7.1 Using Github

Follow these instructions.

7.2 Submitting to DevPost

Follow this tutorial.

7.3 Using Github Pages

Follow this tutorial.

7.4 Using Slack

Watch this video.

8. Submissions and Judging

8.1 Devpost

Everyone will be submitting their work through Devpost. In addition, you will be able to find information about our judging criteria and our prizes.

8.2 Judging Criteria

Business Model. | Outside of technical impressiveness in the project, during this hackathon judges will be looking for how teams communicate customer validation (Who are your users?) and acquisition strategy (How will you attract your users?). Those two pillars will help validate the idea.

Impact. | Our theme this year is to create a solution that will help improve the betterment of the DMV community. In this category we are looking for key factors that shows how the team's idea is scalable and give a clear measure as to how thier solution makes an impact on the user's life.

Technical. | In the midst of the given 24 hours the judges will be looking for an established minimum viable product and a working prototype . This can range from a web application, mobile application or an IoT.

Design and User Experience. | The teams final minimum viable product and prototype should achieve an engaging and memorable user experience. This means having a clear interface that is intuitive for users that come from different backgrounds.

Presentation. | Teams will be rated base off presentation layout and articulation of their solution. This means how well was the team able to communicate their target audience, problems they are solving and how their product is the solution to that problem.